Jameson whiskey owner to close representative office in Russia
Photo: depositphotos.com
The French alcohol concern Pernod Ricard is preparing to close its representative office in Russia. Pernod Ricard reported that the former head of the Russian office has moved to a new position in another region, Russian newspaper Kommersant writes.

Ignatius Arakelyan, who managed the Yerevan brandy plant, which is part of Pernod Ricard, will oversee the termination of the business.

Arakelyan specified that the Russian division of the company PR Rus is undergoing procedures to stop operational activities. The company has no other plans.

According to a source of the publication, almost the entire team has already left PR Rus, and the remaining employees may leave by the end of August.

During 2020-2021, the company imported approximately 14 million liters of strong alcohol to the Russian Federation, excluding Ararat. In 2022, after the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine and the strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions, it reduced imports to 6.95 million liters.

At the same time, Ararat brandy, which is produced at the Armenian plant, continues to be supplied to Russia, said a representative of Pernod Ricard. In 2021, Luding Group became the distributor of this brand in part of the channels. Pernod Ricard denies any talk of selling Ararat.

In April, Pernod Ricard planned to resume exports of its cognac brands to Russia, but after a wave of criticism, those plans were scrapped just weeks after the announcement.