Polish firm's workshop destroyed by Russian missile in Lviv, damage assessment underway
Photo: Caritas

As a result of an overnight assault on Lviv, the workshop of the Polish-owned Fakro window company burned down, its president Ryszard Florek told the Sądeczanin newspaper.

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"At five in the morning, the phone rang. I heard that a missile had hit our factory [according to the Air Force, Lviv was attacked by Shahed drones – ed.]. Fortunately, our workers were not injured, but the production shop and warehouse, partially provided for the Lviv Caritas, burned down," he said.

Previously, Fakro estimated its losses at 30 million zlotys ($6.9 million).

"There were 2,000 windows in the warehouse. One costs 1,000 zlotys, that is, 2 million. If you add a completely burned-out room, it will be about 30 million zlotys," said Florek.

Fakro calls itself the second largest manufacturer of roof windows in the world. It has more than 4,000 employees, has 11 production and 17 distribution companies in Europe, Asia and America.

The religious mission "Caritas-Spes Ukraine" reported that as a result of the fire, it lost 33 pallets with food kits, 10 pallets with hygiene kits and canned goods, 10 pallets with generators and clothes.

According to representatives of the Lviv Archdiocese, under whose jurisdiction the warehouse was located, about 300 tons of humanitarian goods burned there. Vehicles with humanitarian cargo were rescued from the warehouse.