Land plots of pro-Russian politician’s wife seized in western Ukraine
Oksana Marckenko, video grab

Another two land plots in western Ukraine illegally owned by Oksana Marchenko, a former TV personality and wife of Viktor Medvedchuk, a pro-Russian politician and kum (compadre) of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, have been confiscated per a court decision.

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The security service of Ukraine reported on Wednesday that the plots, located in one of the prestigious tourist areas of the Lviv region, were used by Ms Marchenko for illegal construction of a hotel complex.

It has been established that Mr Medvedchuk’s wife obtained the land plots through an illegal transaction, with the former head of the district department of land resources involved.

The official, who is believed to have inputted false information in order to issue illegal land ownership papers for Ms Marchenko as far back as 2004-2010, is now suspected of abuse of power and forgery, and will be tried in court.

Ms Marchenko, who used to host of a number of popular TV projects of Ukraine, fled the country in 2022 following Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Her husband, a leader of a formerly influential pro-Russian party, was uncovered as a Russian agent abetting the invasion, later arrested and transferred to Moscow as part of a prisoner swap.

Ms Marchenko has been revealed to own or have owned a number of companies associated with Mr Medvedchuk’s energy and transportation businesses, as well as immovable property.

Earlier, assets worth over UAH 5.6 billion (USD 152 milliom) have also been seized as part of the investigation into their illegal activities.