Security, Comfort, and Community – TOP 3 Requests of Home Buyers During the War

While previously buyers primarily paid attention to the location and prestige of the area, now security, comfort, and the opportunity to be part of a friendly community are coming to the forefront. This was stated by Ramil Mehtiev, CEO of the ENSO development company.

Security, Comfort, and Community – TOP 3 Requests of Home Buyers During the War

"War is first and foremost about security issues. If during the pandemic we all preferred to socially distance from each other, now people are really interested in who lives with you on the stairwell, what values your neighbors have, there is a steady demand for a community within the complex," notes Mehtiev.

According to him, modern buyers also pay great attention to comfort and ergonomics of layout solutions. The experience of being in quarantine and shelters has shown how important it is to have a functional and comfortable space.

"First, the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of ergonomic layout solutions, when the space in the apartment is intelligently divided into private and common areas, there are different functional zones, and so on. Later, the full-scale invasion reinforced this feeling," explains the CEO of ENSO.

Mehtiev is convinced that in the conditions of war, the winning residential product is the one that, with its content, concept, and solutions, forms a circle of like-minded people and unites people with common values.

"Multi-apartment buildings are about coexistence, the ability to interact and come to an agreement. The success of a residential complex depends on its ability to create a community of residents who share the same views and principles," he sums up.

For Reference:

ENSO is a Ukrainian development company founded in 2017, whose core activity is the development, construction, and management of residential and commercial real estate projects.

From the very first day of operation, the company has been implementing the boldest architectural solutions, using advanced technologies and the best domestic and foreign building materials. The company is constructing residential complexes with a total area of about 400,000 sq.m.: Diadans, First Poetica Collection, Second Poetica Collection, and Fjord.

ENSO was the first company in Ukraine to certify a residential complex according to international environmental standards. In 2020, Diadans underwent BREEAM International New Construction certification, which includes an assessment of energy efficiency, the impact of the building on the environment, safety for residents and visitors, the use of environmentally friendly construction materials, the convenience of transport infrastructure, and more.

The company's mission is to change market patterns, form new quality standards and approaches in architecture that are designed not only to provide comfort, coziness, and security to owners and investors, but also to significantly improve the appearance of the city.