Derussification. Historic Prince Trubetskoi Winery rebrands after Russian occupation
Photo: Prince Trubetskoi Winery

Prince Trubetskoi Winery, located in the village of Vesele, Kherson Oblast, decided to change its name to Stoic Winery, reported the specialized publication Drinks. Technologies and Innovations.

"We respect the history and activities of our founder, the Russian prince Trubetskoi, but we believe that our identity and future should not be connected with a Russian prince," the company said.
The winery came under occupation at the very beginning of the Russian invasion. It was liberated only in November 2022, when the Russians were completely pushed out of the west bank of the Dnipro River.

"The renaming is the first step towards a goal and a new history. Our strategic task is to restore the production of high-quality wines in the historic chateau, taking into account all the modern achievements of global winemaking. The first task, of course, is to restore the production and sale of wines," the enterprise said.

In March 2023, the Verkhovna Rada voted in favor of a decolonization law that bans names associated with Russia.