Restoration agency vows to open estimates of all projects
Photo: Restoration Agency

The State Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure Development will make open access to all construction projects, reported the head of the Agency, Mustafa Nayyem.

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"Now everyone will be able to check and compare the prices of materials, the cost of the equipment involved, the costs of projects developed by any state client. This, in turn, will increase the responsibility of both state clients and project organizations and expertise," he wrote on Facebook.
Estimates for restoration projects will be available in the Unified State System in the field of construction. An updated functionality has already appeared for publishing estimates of objects that are built with public funds.
You can get acquainted with the information on the USSFC website in the "Estimate documentation" section .

"For us, it is important not just to quickly and efficiently carry out work on objects. We strive for the reconstruction to be carried out in a transparent and accountable manner. This is important both for the Restoration Agency and for the public and international partners," Nayyem added.

Previously, only general indicators of the estimate were available on the portal, but after the introduction of martial law, access to information was restricted.

Last week, the Restoration Agency first showed the route of the new water main in the south . Its construction will cost no less than UAH 13.5 billion ($366 million). This is one of the most ambitious projects of this scale since independence.

On July 10, 2023, the Service for Restoration and Infrastructure Development in Kyiv Oblast held the first tenders for the repair of high-rise buildings that were destroyed as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine in four suburbs of the capital: Bucha, Makariv, Vyshhorod and Borodyanka.