EU agrees to ban Ukrainian oil imports to Poland from Ukraine, transit allowed
Sunflower oil. Photo via Depositphotos

The European commission has included sunflower oil in the list of products to be subject to a ban on imports to Poland, its transit to be allowed, Polish radio station RMF24 reports.

The ‘import ban’ list has already included wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds.

Polish agriculture minister Robert Telus said that his country was not going to lift the ban on Ukrainian imports until Warsaw’s demands were met.

He stressed that Poland would demand a ban on the import of flour, honey, sugar, soft fruit (frozen), eggs, meat (especially poultry), milk and dairy products, as well as apple juice and concentrate.

Earlier in April, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria imposed a ban on Ukrainian grains and selected agricultural products until the end of June.

The EU’s executive arm criticised the ban and instead proposed to allocate EUR 100 million for EU farmers in exchange for lifting the ban on Ukrainian agricultural imports, but negotiations are still ongoing.