Ukraine, Slovakia reach agreement on grain dispute, prompting WTO complaint withdrawal
Photo: EPA

Slovakia has agreed to lift the grain embargo after Ukraine launches a licensing system for the export of agricultural products. In response, Kyiv agreed to withdraw the claim against Slovakia submitted to the World Trade Organization, Reuters writes with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture of Slovakia.

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Such a compromise was found during negotiations between the ministers of agriculture of Ukraine and Slovakia.

"(The Ministers) agreed on creating a grain trade system based on issuing and controlling licences. Until this system is up and running and fully tested, the ban on imports of four commodities from Ukraine remains in place," the message of the Slovak ministry reads.

Slovakia is one of the three EU countries (the other two are Slovakia and Poland), which, contrary to the decision of the European Commission, unilaterally extended the ban on the export of Ukrainian agricultural products. It banned the import of Ukrainian wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds until the end of the year.

After that, Ukraine filed lawsuits against these countries at the WTO.

At the same time, Ukraine proposed to introduce a mechanism for joint verification and approval of the supply of four types of agricultural goods (wheat, corn, rape, and sunflower seeds) to these countries, as well as to Bulgaria and Romania.