Chervonohrad chosen for pilot project on transformation of coal-mining regions

Ukraine, with the support of the German government, plans to develop a plan for the liquidation of the Velykomostivska mine in Chervonohrad (Lviv Oblast) by the end of the year. It will serve as a pilot project for the transformation of coal regions of Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy reported.

The Ministry of Energy is developing the energy strategy of Ukraine until 2050, which provides for the restoration of the energy sector based on the principles of sustainable development and the introduction of green technologies.

For coal-mining regions, this means the closure of mines, instead of which they want to create clusters of sustainable energy.

"These clusters can appear in closed coal mines, using the infrastructure of these enterprises. This is an important incentive for the development of regions, creation of new jobs, support of the country's economy. This is an opportunity for coal-mining regions to give impetus to a new sustainable future of the entire country," said the deputy Minister of Energy Yaroslav Demchenkov.

There are plans to create a Fund for the fair transformation of the coal regions of Ukraine, from which projects for the physical closure of coal mines will be financed.

Most of the settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in eastern Ukraine, where coal mining is carried out, are located in the war zone, occupied or blocked by the enemy, therefore the pilot project will be implemented in Lviv Oblast.

The project in Chervonohrad should become an example of a comprehensive approach to the development of the area. Within its limits, the city plans to create an industrial park, and conduct measures to increase energy efficiency and economic diversification.