Electricity tariffs for Ukrainian households to double since 1 June
Photo via Pixabay

The Ukrainian government on Tuesday decided to raise electricity tariffs for consumers, Economic Pravda reported.

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Energy minister German Galushchenko urgently submitted a resolution to increase electricity tariffs for households, and it was approved.

Accordingly, the tariff will be 2.64 UAH / kWh (USD 0.072) starting 1 June.

Currently, the tariff for households is UAH 1.44 / kWh (USD 0.039) for consumption of 250 kWh per month and UAH 1.68 / kWh (USD 0.046) if consumption exceeds this figure.

Electricity pricing was last increased in Ukraine back in 2021, when it was raised to 1.68 UAH / kWh for the first time in three years.

Last month, it was first revealed that the government was considering raising tariffs to UAH 2.40-2.80 / kWh (USD 0.065-0.076).

It is believed the hike will help sustain the Ukrainian energy system amidst Russia’s ongoing attacks against the infrastructure.