One of DTEK's power plants stopped due to Russian attack
Photo: DTEK

One of the thermal power plants of DTEK on Friday stopped energy production due to a Russian attack, reported the company's press service.

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As a result of the strike, the main lines that provided the output of power to the TPP were damaged, so it had to stop generating.

"Energy engineers are working to restore power supply to the power system. They are synchronizing their actions with Ukrenergo," the company said.

The Ukrenergo press service also reported on the attack.

"This afternoon, a strike damaged the main lines that provided power to one of the power plants in the east," the company said.

Ukrenergo indicates that the volume of electricity production is sufficient to cover the needs of consumers, but in order to maintain the balance in the evening hours, sparing consumption of electricity is necessary.

On Tuesday, DTEK announced that one of its power plants was targeted by the Russians. This was the third attack on DTEK Energo's generating plants since the beginning of May, and in total since September 2022, the company's thermal power plants have been attacked 33 times.