Reuters: Rosneft's largest refinery loses 70% of capacity after drone strike
Photo: Rosneft

At Rosneft's oil refinery in Ryazan (Ryazan Oil Refining Company), two of the four primary oil refining units, AVT-4 and AT-6 (where oil is separated into main fractions – gasoline, diesel, and kerosene), were damaged as a result of a drone strike, Reuters reported, citing its sources in the industry.

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The capacity of the AT-6 unit is 23,190 tons per day or 47.5% of the total primary refining capacity at the enterprise.

The capacity of the AVT-4 unit is 11,400 tons per day or 23.4% of the total capacity of the enterprise.

Thus, as a result of the drone strike, the capacity of the Ryazan ORC may reach 70% of primary refining during the restoration period.

The Ryazan plant is the third largest in Russia in terms of refining (only Gazpromneft-ONPZ in Omsk and Kirishinefteorgsintez near St. Petersburg have a larger capacity).

In 2023, this plant processed 12.67 million tons of oil, which is 4.6% of the total oil refining in Russia. It produced 2.79 million tons of automobile gasoline, 3.64 million tons of diesel, 3.12 million tons of fuel oil, and 0.87 million tons of aviation fuel, according to Reuters.