Spiegel: Germany receives Russian oil through India. Imports increased 12 times
Photo: Depositphotos

Germany continues to receive large volumes of Russian oil through India, Spiegel writes with reference to the data of the Federal Statistical Office.

In January-July 2023, the amount of oil products that Germany received from India increased 12 times compared to the same period last year. India, in turn, is a major consumer of crude oil from Russia.

"Imports from India 'mostly consisted of gas oil, which is used for the production of diesel fuel or fuel oil', the statisticians explained. India produces these gas oils from crude oil, which the country has been buying in large quantities from Russia since the beginning of the war," the report said.

Because of the war, Germany stopped the direct import of oil from Russia. After the entry into force of the second stage of the EU oil embargo, almost no Russian oil is imported into Germany. The share of Russia in the total volume of oil imports to Germany fell from 36.5% in January 2022 to only 0.1% in March 2023.

Earlier, it emerged that Czechia increased its import of Russian oil to an 11-year high. In the first half of 2023, the Czech Republic received 65% of all imported oil from Russia. During the same period last year, the share of Russian imported oil was 56%.

In June 2023, Germany signed an agreement with Kazakhstan to increase oil supplies.

On August 22, Bloomberg wrote that the price cap on Russian oil is no longer working.

On September 5, oil exceeded $90 for the first time in 10 months. Saudi Arabia and Russia have restricted supplies.

On September 6, the G7 postponed the review of price restrictions on Russian oil.