Third European country starts buying Ukrainian electricity
Illustration via Depositphotos

Ukraine on Monday started exporting electricity to Slovakia, the third European country that now buys Ukraine power supplies after their exports were resumed earlier this month, state energy company Ukrenerho said in a statement.

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"As of today [17 April], electricity exports to Slovakia have started (200 MW every hour), and exports to Poland (75 MW every hour) and Moldova (99-134 MW at different times) are ongoing," the company said.

Ukraine resumed electricity exports after a six-month break under the conditions of meeting the needs of Ukrainian consumers and excess production.

In other developments, Ukraine’s hydroelectric power plants operate around the clock, and due to the rise of the Dnipro River controlled water discharges are being carried out.

Kherson and part of the Kherson region were temporarily cut off from electricity supply on Sunday due to damage to the power grid caused by Russian shelling.

While the situation with power supply remains difficult only in the regions close to active combat, Ukrenerho still asks that people not use powerful equipment during peak hours in the morning and evening.

Ukraine began exporting electricity to the European Union in the summer of 2022, and it quickly became one of the main export articles. Since October 11, 2022, due to Russian strikes on the energy system, exports have stopped.

Since mid-February, there has been no power deficit in Ukraine.