Ukraine turns to Energy Community to help resume electricity exports to Slovakia

The head of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, Kostiantyn Uschapovskyi, discussed with the leadership of the Energy Community the need to urgently restore electricity exports from Ukraine to Slovakia, reports the press service of NEURC.

"The parties emphasized the key role of electricity exports from Ukraine in ensuring the financial stability of the domestic energy sector and agreed that any unjustified restriction of electricity trade should be considered a serious violation of the Energy Community Treaty," the message reads.

The National Commission and the Secretariat undertook to work together with all involved parties to develop an effective solution for the urgent restoration of electricity exports from Ukraine.

The Secretariat of the Energy Community assured that it will insist on close cooperation with all stakeholders to ensure electricity trade on the principles of non-discrimination, transparency and environmental protection.

From Monday, April 17, Ukraine started exporting electricity to Slovakia, which became the third country in Europe that started buying Ukrainian energy after the resumption of its export. Since April 21, Ukraine has suspended exports to Slovakia.

The operator of the energy system Ukrenergo stated that the uninterrupted export of electricity to European countries is hindered by the lack of a procedure for holding joint auctions for access to interstate crossings, and the NEURC is delaying the approval of this procedure.