One Ukrainian-Romanian border crossing reopens, as two others remain blocked by protesters
Photo: SBGS

Romanian protesters stopped the blockade of the Vicovu de Sus-Krasnoyilsk checkpoint, the State Border Guard Service reported on Friday morning.

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All vehicles are allowed to pass normally, but only empty cargo vehicles can cross the state border of Ukraine with Romania at this checkpoint.

The State Customs Service reported that the other crossing point Halmeu-Diakove will remain blocked for trucks. Blocking is carried out by large agricultural machinery. The movement of trucks leaving Ukraine also had to be temporarily suspended so that they would not interfere with the passage of passenger cars. The terms of the protesters are not yet known.

The largest cargo crossing point between Ukraine and Romania is Siret-Porubne. The passage is also blocked there, and according to the State Transport Safety Service of Ukraine, not a single truck crossed the border in this place yesterday.

Romanian farmers have been protesting against the increase in vehicle insurance and fuel prices since the beginning of January.

Since January 13, they began to affect Ukrainian interests, as farmers resorted to blocking the road near the largest cargo checkpoint on the border of Ukraine and Romania. On January 15, they already blocked two checkpoints , and on January 18, they blocked the third.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Romania previously reported that they were able to come to an understanding with the protesters who blocked the Ukrainian border. But it did not help to remove the blockade.