Ukraine's Cabinet approves registration of new industrial park for hemp production

The Cabinet of Ministers added the Hempy UA industrial park, which specializes in the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp, to its Register, reported the representative of the government in the parliament, Taras Melnychuk.

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The park is located in western Ukraine's Rivne Oblast on an area of 42.9 hectares. Residents of the park are companies specializing in the production of industrial hemp products, research and development of new products, as well as in the provision of special services.

About 1,400 new jobs will be created in the park.

Residents of the park will produce more than 200 types of products: hemp paper, construction mixes, pallets, bioplastics, furniture, food products, according to the park's website.

In Ukraine, there is already one industrial park of industrial hemp, Ma'Rijany Hemp, which was founded by the former mayor of Hlukhiv, Michel Tereshchenko.

Hempy UA is the 69th industrial park entered into the register of Ukraine's industrial parks.

On October 11, the first municipal industrial park appeared in Ukraine.