Turkey's Baykar wins $367 million contract to supply Bayraktar drones
Photo: Baykar/Facebook

Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar has signed a $367 million contract with the Kuwaiti army for the supply of Bayraktar TB2 UAVs, reported Bloomberg with reference to the statements of the company and the Kuwaiti army.

Kuwait became the 30th country to purchase Bayraktar TB2, Daily Sabbah reports.

Demand for Bayraktars has increased due to their effective work in conflict zones in Libya, Syria and in Russia's war against Ukraine.

The commander of Kuwait's air force operations, General Fahad Al-Dosari, said the drones will support the navy and coast guard, as well as monitor sea and land borders and can "carry out reconnaissance and targeted missions".

Baykar and the Kuwaiti government did not say how many drones were purchased or when they would be delivered.

The cost of one Bayraktar TB2 is about $2 million.

The contract for the supply of Bayraktars was concluded after direct negotiations between the governments of Turkey and Kuwait, which began back in 2019. The agreement between the two countries also provides for the supply of electronic warfare equipment and mobile ground control equipment compatible with NATO standards.

According to the company, Baykar produced just over 400 Bayraktar TB2s. Currently, the firm seeks to further expand its production capacity, in particular, thanks to the opening of a plant in Ukraine.

Currently, Baykar can produce 200 Bayraktar TB2 drones per year. There are plans to increase this number to 500.