Romania to double transit of Ukrainian grain
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania Sorin Grindianu (Photo: screenshot Agerpres/Youtube)

Romania will increase the transit of Ukrainian grain from 2 million tons to 4 million tons. Agerpres writes with reference to the statement of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania Sorin Grindianu following his meeting with the representatives of the USA, EU, Moldova, and Ukraine.

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The increase in transit will be ensured thanks to the expansion of the carrying capacity of railway and sea logistics routes on the Romanian territory.

"We agreed that the export of Ukrainian grain should be accelerated in the context of the attacks on the Ukrainian ports of Reni and Izmail. We emphasized the importance of Romanian transport routes by rail and sea in order to maintain a continuous flow of exports and imports from Ukraine," the publication quoted the minister as saying.

First of all, the Sulin Canal on the Danube will be optimized as part of the 18 million euro project financed by the EU.

Investments of 1 billion euros are also planned in the railway connection to the port of Constanta and other railway projects.

Romania has consistently supported the import and transit of Ukrainian grain through its territory, even when other Central European countries implemented embargoes in the first half of 2023.

On August 9, 2023, Poland called on the EU to help the transit of Ukrainian grain through the Baltic Sea.

On August 10, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy announced that thanks to the good weather in Ukraine, the harvest of grain and oil crops will be much better than previously expected.

On August 11, Lithuania offered another option for exporting grain from Ukraine – via Neman River.