Ukraine grows domestic energy production as nuclear operator ramps up power plant output
Photo: press service of Energoatom

The state NPP operator Energoatom brought to maximum capacity all seven nuclear reactors that are currently operating, reported the company's press service.

Prior to that, the generation of nuclear power units at maximum capacity was limited by the operating conditions of the market, explains Energoatom.

Output to the maximum added 300 MW of power to the Ukrainian energy system. The total power of nuclear generation is currently 6,400 MW.

In the near future, Energoatom plans to put another power unit at the NPP out of repair and into operation.

At the beginning of September, Energoatom announced that nuclear power plants produced 19% more electricity in three months of the summer of 2023 than the forecast indicators for this period. NPPs added an average of 500 million kWh to the integrated power system of Ukraine every month.

This made it possible to cover the needs of consumers and prevent a possible shortage of electricity due to non-fulfillment of the projected electricity generation by thermal power plants (almost 940 billion kWh) in the summer period.