Ukraine to bolster protection of power facilities with €76 million in German funding
Photo: Ukrenergo/telegram

The German government, through the KfW Development Bank, allocated a grant of 76 million euros ($80 million) to Ukrenergo to finance the construction of engineering protection of substations, reported the press service of Ukraine's electricity transmission system operator.

Part of the funding will be used to install new high-voltage equipment, in particular autotransformers, and modernize the network on the border with Europe.

"Funding under the grant agreement between KfW and Ukrenergo will support Ukraine's ability to successfully pass this and the next winter seasons by facilitating the rapid recovery and creation of protective structures at substations. The second winter military aid package from Germany, which includes the Patriot air defense system, IRIS-T and Gepard will help protect critically important infrastructure," commented German Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jäger.

In total, Ukrenergo attracted more than 220 million euros ($231 million) in loan and grant funds from KfW for the restoration and reconstruction of substations.

In addition, the German operators of the transmission system Amprion, TenneT, TrasnetBW and 50 Hertz provided more than 100 pieces of equipment necessary for the repair of key power lines and substations of Ukrenergo.