Ukraine streamlines process for connecting biomethane plants to gas grid
Photo: NKREKP/Facebook

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) has improved the access conditions for biomethane producers to gas infrastructure facilities by a corresponding resolution, reported the press service of the agency.

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The document amends the Code of the Gas Transportation System and the Code of Gas Distribution Systems regarding the terms of access of biomethane producers to gas transportation networks and eliminates technical restrictions on the transfer of biomethane to the gas distribution system. This will stimulate biomethane producers to increase the volume of gas production.

According to the information of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, five biomethane plants will start operating in Ukraine this year, the potential volume of production of which is about 70 million cubic meters per year, according to NEURC.

Biomethane is a renewable gas produced, in particular, from agricultural waste, which contains up to 95-96% methane. When using biomethane, greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced.

Ukraine has a significant potential for biomethane production, which is estimated to be about 22 billion cubic meters per year.

Developed gas transportation and gas distribution systems create an opportunity for biomethane producers to connect to gas networks for transporting biomethane to consumers both abroad and in the domestic market.

"The development of biomethane production and export is of strategic importance for Ukraine, as it will contribute to the attraction of investments in the agricultural sector, the creation of new jobs, the increase of tax revenues for local and state budgets, as well as the growth of export foreign exchange earnings," commented the head of the NEURC Kostiantyn Ushchapovskyi.