Russia lifts ban on most diesel exports
Photo: Depositphotos

The Russian government on Friday lifted a ban on pipeline diesel exports via ports, while retaining restrictions on gasoline exports, Reuters reports.

Russia imposed a ban on diesel and petrol exports on 21 September to tackle domestic price spikes.

The government’s decision means exports of diesel fuel delivered to seaports by pipeline is allowed "provided that the manufacturer supplies at least 50 percent of the produced diesel fuel to the domestic market".

Russia’s federal anti-monopoly service said on Thursday that it had sent instructions to oil companies ordering them to cut oil products prices.

In addition, Russian refineries started receiving back government subsidies from 1 October.

After the European Union banned Russian fuel imports over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine in February, Russia diverted Europe-bound exports of diesel and other fuels to Brazil, Turkiye, several North and West African countries, and Gulf states in the Middle East.

Russia has been tackling both shortages and high fuel prices in recent months, which especially hurt farmers during the harvesting season.