State budget receives income from management of formerly Medvedchuk-owned oil pipeline
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The operator of the system of national oil pipelines, Ukrtransnafta, transferred to the state budget more than UAH 10 million ($271,000) from the management of the arrested oil pipeline Samara – Western Direction (the so-called "Medvedchuk's pipeline"), reported the press service of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA).

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The listed funds do not take into account taxes paid by Ukrtransnafta and expenses for maintenance and operation of the seized pipeline, the ARMA clarifies.

In 2022, Ukrtransnafta put into operation the reverse supply of diesel fuel through the Ukrainian section of the oil pipeline from Hungary to Ukraine in the amount of 114,000 tons.

Ukrtransnafta started pumping diesel fuel in the reverse direction from Hungary to Ukraine after the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion due to the impossibility of resuming the operation of the oil pipeline in the project direction from Belarus.

The use of the pipeline in the reverse direction ensured full-fledged management of the asset, balance on the oil products market, and also increased the energy independence of the state in wartime conditions, according to ARMA.

The agency transferred the Ukrainian part of the main oil pipeline Samara – Western Direction to the management of Ukrtransnafta back in 2021.

The Ukrainian section of the oil pipeline Samara-Western Direction is about 800 km long. It is designed for pumping diesel fuel from Russia and Belarus for Ukraine and transit to Europe. Until February 23, 2021, it was operated by Prykarpatzakhidtrans. The company was owned by the Belarusian businessman Mikalai Varabei and German citizen Anatoli Schaefer. The latter was associated with Viktor Medvedchuk's circle. Medvedchuk himself denied any connection with the pipeline and the supply of petroleum products to Ukraine.