EU starts implementation of ammunition procurement plan for Ukraine: €1 billion allotted
A Ukrainian soldier delivers shells (Photo: 24 SMBr named after King Danylo)

The Council of the European Union has allocated €1 billion for the purchase of ammunition for the needs of Ukraine, the website of the institution reported.

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This money will be distributed among the member countries for the rounds transferred to Ukraine from its own stocks in the period from February 9 to May 31, 2023.

"With today’s decision, we operationalise the first part of the historic agreement reached by EU leaders to support the immediate delivery of €1 billion worth of artillery ammunition for the Ukrainian armed forces. There is no better demonstration of the EU’s united resolve and determination to continue supporting Ukraine’s legitimate right of self-defence against the brutal Russian aggressor," said the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.

This billion increases the total contribution of the European Union to Ukraine within the European Peace Facility (EPF) to €4.6 billion euros.

On March 20, the Council of the EU approved a plan to supply Ukraine with 1 million artillery shells.

It consists of three stages:

→ at the first stage, the EU member states will transfer shells from their stockpiles to Ukraine, receiving compensation for this in the total amount of €1 billion;
→ at the second stage, another €1 billion euros will be allocated for the production of new ammunition;
→ at the third stage, the EU will expand its own capacities for the production of rounds.

On April 12, the Polish news agency PAP reported that there were disagreements within the European Union regarding the financing of the first two parts of the plan.