State Logistics Operator to buy additional ammunition thanks to savings of $56 million
Photo: 71 Separate Jaeger Brigade of the Airborne Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The State Logistics Operator (DOT) saved 2.2 billion hryvnias ($55.9 million) thanks to competition in the procurement of tangible property. This money will be used to purchase personal protective equipment for the military, the press service of the DOT reported.

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"The correct use of all saved funds is important for us. They should work for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Every hryvnia, every million and billion. That is why, in cooperation with the Ministry, we determine the urgent needs of the military and direct the saved budget funds to them," said the director of procurement management of the State Logistics Operator Viktoriya Vynohradova.

The purchase of an additional volume of body armor for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already begun.

In addition, it is planned to purchase:

→ helmets;
→ tactical headphones.

During the first three months of operation of the DOT, thanks to competitive bidding, it was possible to save 2.9 billion hryvnias ($73.6 million) compared to the starting prices of the procurement agency of the Ministry of Defense.

As of the beginning of May, the procurement body of the Ministry of Defense took first place on Prozorro in terms of procurement competitiveness.

DOT conducted the most competitive procurements of physical supplies among all purchasers – more than 99% (average in Prozorro – 6.19%), the rate of competitive procurements of fuel and lubricants reached 92.5%, which is five times more than the average on the platform.

In April 2024, the DOT began concluding long-term contracts for the supply of tangible property for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the beginning of May, DOT General Director Arsen Zhumadilov announced a change in approaches to the purchase of products for the army. The State Logistics Operator will announce food purchases for the second half of 2024 according to the new rules.