Cabinet changes mobilization deferral procedure. Defense Ministry, not General Staff, now to approve
Photo: Ministry of Defense

The Cabinet of Ministers changed the procedure for reserving conscripts during martial law, provided for by Resolution No. 76.

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Now the Ministry of Defense and not the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be in charge of approving the lists of reserved persons, according to the changes adopted by the government on Wednesday.

The decision provides that the central executive authorities, having received the lists of reserved persons from the enterprises, after checking the completeness of the list, the presence of justification and compliance with the requirements regarding the number, will submit it to the Ministry of Defense for approval.

There are no other significant changes at this stage.

As before, reservations are made by the decision of the Ministry of Economy.

On May 7, the Cabinet of Ministers extended for a month the term of all valid reservations from mobilization.

On May 18, a new law on mobilization will enter into force in Ukraine, which provides for changes in the legislation on the reservation of conscripts. The government is working on the development of relevant governmental acts.

After the expiry of the deferral, enterprises will have to reserve employees according to the updated rules.