Czech companies receive first orders for reconstruction of Ukraine
Photo: Unsplash

Czech companies have started to receive their first orders related to Ukraine reconstruction, with some of them already being implemented, Zdeněk Zajíček, the president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said.

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"At present, contracts are mostly concluded with companies that have not yet had experience in the Ukrainian market," Mr Zajíček said, according to ČTK news agency.

The companies have started supplying, for instance, medical equipment or agricultural machinery to Ukraine, but are also looking for contracts to upgrade energy, transport and water infrastructure, construction works, and materials.

Ukraine is also approaching Czech companies on the basis of a list that the Czech government provided to Kyiv a year ago.

At that time, 103 companies from various industries, mainly mining and processing, mechanical engineering, construction and energy, approached the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a request to cooperate in Ukraine recovery.

According to a survey of nearly 200 members of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Union of Industry and Transport, every sixth company has received offers from Ukraine. Every tenth order is currently being fulfilled.