After Kharkiv attack, express delivery service Nova Poshta taking extra security measures
Consequences of the attack on the Nova Poshta terminal in Korotych (Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs)

After the tragedy caused by the missile attack on the terminal in Kharkiv Oblast, Nova Poshta will review the operating mode of branches in the most dangerous regions. In particular, the postal and courier company plans to install so-called security capsules, Vyacheslav Klymov, co-owner of the company, has said, Babel reports.

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"There will definitely be changes in the mode of operation of the terminals, especially in areas such as Kharkiv, because there are already certain statistics of strikes there," he stated.

The express delivery giant is also considering the possibility of fitting inside the terminals something like "safe rooms" in residential buildings in Israel. "They are needed precisely for cases when there is no time even to run to the shelter," he explained.

As Klymov specified, similar bomb shelters were installed in some branches in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv.

"In the branch in Kharkiv, there is a reinforced concrete capsule in the yard, which protects both employees and customers," added the co-owner of the company.

Klymov added that the company will monitor more carefully so that the branches do not work during air raid alerts, "especially in cities where ballistic missiles reach quickly."

On October 21, the enemy launched a missile attack on the Nova Poshta terminal in Korotych, Kharkiv district. The strike was carried out by two missiles of the S-300 type. Six people died as a result of the impact.