UK slaps sanctions on companies helping Russia access military supplies
Photo: EPA

The United Kingdom on Tuesday expanded its sanctions lists against Russia and Belarus, targeting individuals and businesses in third countries supporting Moscow’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

"There is nowhere for those sustaining Russia’s military machine to hide," UK foreign secretary James Cleverly was quoted as saying.

An expanded UK sanctions list includes individuals and businesses in Iran, Turkiye, Dubai, Slovakia and Switzerland involved in the supply of arms to Russia.

In addition, London designated Belarusian entities linked to the manufacturing of military technology for the Belarusian regime, which has directly facilitated Russia’s illegal war.

"The Russian defence industry is severely stretched and focused entirely on sustaining the war. Unable to access Western components, the Russian military is struggling to produce sufficient top-end equipment and is now desperately searching for foreign armaments," the UK government said in a statement.

"Russia is already having to mobilise soviet-era tanks and harvest kitchen freezers for low-grade chips. Today’s package tackles Russia’s attempts to circumvent and offset these clear impacts of UK and allies’ sanctions."

Earlier, the European Union also expanded sanctions against Belarus for aiding Russia’s war effort.