Ukraine identifies sanctions priorities against Russia: Rosatom, banks, show business
Yulia Svyrydenko (Photo: President's Office)

The Yermak-McFaul Expert Group on Russian Sanctions is going to publish the second Action Plan on strengthening sanctions against Russia next week, the Office of the President and the Ministry of Economy announced.

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Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities laid out their priorities on Thursday at a briefing for the heads of diplomatic missions of the countries of the European Union and the EU representation in Ukraine.

According to the adviser to the head of the President's Office Vladyslav Vlasyuk, it concerns the expansion of sanctions pressure on Russian banks and Rosatom, strengthening of sanctions against propagandists and representatives of Russian show business, new restrictions against the Russian military-industrial complex and high-tech industries related to the production of weapons.

First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Yulia Svyridenko indicated that the United States and United Kingdom have already started imposing sanctions against Russia's nuclear industry. Ukraine expects that the countries of the European Union will follow suit.

"Last summer, when the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, called on the international community to introduce sanctions against the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation, few among our partners believed that such decisions would be possible in the near future – given the integration of Rosatom into the global and European nuclear energy industry and the sensitivity of the industry. However, today such sanctions are already a reality," she said.

Separately, Ukraine emphasizes the need to strengthen sanctions against Russian propagandists.

"Pro-Kremlin journalists, artists, radical public associations are important targets for sanctions pressure. Imposing restrictions on their foreign assets and the ability to travel around the world will certainly increase the effect in the fight against the aggressor," said Daria Zarivna, advisor to Volodymyr Zelenskyy's chief-of-staff.