Ukraine increased ammo production tenfold, but this is not enough, minister says

Ukraine has increased the production of ammunition tenfold since the start of the year, although this is still not enough to meet the needs of the army, strategic industries minister Oleksandr Kamyshin said.

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"From January to July, we produced ten times more than in 2022. We are talking about mortars, cannon shells and ammunition," Mr Kamyshin was quoted as saying.

He added Ukraine is constantly looking for partners to strengthen its weapons production capacity and join forces to ensure that the army receives the necessary resources faster.

There are great opportunities for large international companies to produce and test their products in a real war, the minister noted.

"To produce in Ukraine, to test products in Ukraine, to conduct research and development in Ukraine, to modernise the product in Ukraine — at the end of the war, they will have the best product."

Last week, Mr Kamyshin said Ukraine has ambitions to become the largest arms producer in Europe.

While he did not give specific figures for the production capacity of the Ukrainian defence industry, he said it had doubled over the past month.