Denmark becomes first country to buy arms for Ukrainian Armed Forces from Ukrainian manufacturers
Photo: press service of the President's Office

Denmark has allocated 200 million kroner ($28.5 million) to purchase weapons and military equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Ukrainian manufacturers as part of a new military aid package, Ukraine's Ministry of Strategic Industries announced.

"This is the first and so far unprecedented decision to purchase military products from Ukrainian manufacturers at the expense of another country," the ministry said.
It is not reported who received the contract and what Denmark is buying for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Minister Oleksandr Kamyshin explained that the capabilities of the Ukrainian defense industry are already three times greater than the possibilities of the Ukrainian budget. Therefore, the idea was born to collect money worldwide to fill the unused capacities.

"The total capability of the Ukrainian defense industry today is about $20 billion. At the same time, Ukraine has only $6 billion to buy all the weapons it produces. Roughly speaking, only a third of all the production machines available in the country are in operation because we do not have enough money to provide orders for the rest," said Kamyshin.

Ukraine's goal is to raise $10 billion this year for the production of Ukrainian weapons.

"Today we have the first donation. This is a landmark decision, it opens the way for other countries, and we are incredibly grateful to the Danish government and the Danish people for their leadership," Kamyshin reported.

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