Georgia restricts car exports to Russia, Belarus
Photo: Depositphotos

Georgia is restricting the export and re-export of cars to Russia and Belarus in accordance with the European Union’s latest sanctions package, local media reported.

Exports and re-exports of cars imported from the EU from Georgia to Russia will be restricted from 26 September.

According to the EU sanctions package approved on 23 June, cars with an engine capacity of more than 1,900 cubic centimetres (1.9 litres), as well as all electric and hybrid cars, are banned from entering Russia.

Georgian economy minister Levan Davitashvili earlier said he hoped the re-export of cars to Russia would not stop, since it is an important source of income for Georgia.

The Georgian authorities say they fully comply with international sanctions, but the government has repeatedly said it will not impose bilateral sanctions on Russia, which would be damaging to its economy,

In the first six months of 2023, USD 53 million worth of cars were sold to Russia through Georgia. Exports grew by 274 percent over the year, and the average cost of a car supplied from Georgia to Russia was USD 14,000.