‘Vanity plates’ again available for order online in Ukraine
Illustration via Depositphotos

Ukrainian drivers who want to have personalised vehicle registration plates can order them online via dedicated user accounts since March 23, the main service center of Ukraine’s interior ministry said on Tuesday.

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Interior ministry’s service centers issue both standard, elongated vehicle registration plates, used by the majority of Ukrainian drivers, and so-called American. rectangular-shaped plates for vehicles where those are not placed in an ordinary way.

Such plates cost UAH 300 ($8.13) for cars and UAH 150 ($4.06) for motor vehicles. They are always available at service centers of the interior ministry of Ukraine; for particular regions, this could be checked online.

"Among such vehicle registration plates are also paid ones that contain a certain combination of numbers," the main service center of Ukraine’s interior ministry said, adding that their availability could be checked online as well.

Earlier this year, the ministry approved a new format of car plates to be registered in the driver's account and through Diia, Ukraine’s e-government app.