Bitrix24 cloud workspace to stop working in Ukraine from June

The Russian cloud service Bitrix24 will stop working in Ukraine from June 1. according to the company's message to its clients shared on May 2.

"On June 1, the service will finally stop working in Ukraine. After June 1, access to the portals will be impossible, all data will be completely deleted. Until then, you can download all the necessary data from your portal using available tools: CRM, Employee contacts, Tasks, Telephony, Disk," reads Bitrix's letter.
Bitrix24 cloud workspace to stop working in Ukraine from June

According to Pavel Yakovenko, CEO of CRMiUM, more than 10,000 companies used Russian software in Ukraine, and "unfortunately, most still do."

It is Bitrix in the cloud on the .ua domain that will stop working, Yakovenko clarified. The boxed version of the system, transferred to the European license, will work for now. But when the time comes to renew the license, with a high probability, it will no longer be possible to buy it.

REFERENCE. Bitrix24 is a Russian cloud service that offers a set of tools for organizing the work of companies and building relationships with customers. The developer and provider is the Russian company 1C-Bitrix. It works as a SaaS model in the cloud version or is installed as a boxed version on separate servers with the possibility of refinement for individual requests. Since October 2, 2013, Bitrix24 has been working in Ukraine with a Ukrainian interface.

On April 15, Ukraine introduced sanctions against Russian IT companies, including Bitrix24.