"Google tax" brought Ukraine over $80mln this year, MP says
Photo via EPA

IT companies have paid almost UAH 3.2 billion (USD 86.7 million) in the value added tax on electronic services, known as the ‘Google tax’, so far this year, chair of the parliamentary tax committee Danylo Hetmantsev said on Thursday.

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"According to the results of the simplified value added tax declarations submitted for the first quarter of 2023, non-residents declared almost 23.5 million euros and USD 27.1 million, or UAH 1.9 billion," he posted on Telegram.

In 2022, UAH 4.3 billion in the ‘Google tax’ was collected.

The largest amounts of the tax were declared by Google Play, Google, Etsy, Sony, Netflix, Apple, Meta, Valve Software, and Amazon.

In his post, Mr Hetmantsev singled out the adult content sales platform OnlyFans, which has accrued USD 620,000 in tax and paid UAH 23.3 million to the state budget.

"I would like to add that the service has completely withdrawn from the Russian Federation and finances only our army," he said.

Since 2022, the law has obliged companies, mostly those dealing in the IT sector, without an office in Ukraine to pay 20 percent VAT on online services.