100th ship passes through Ukrainian corridor in Black Sea despite Russian threats, attacks

The 100th ship hs passed through the Black Sea Corridor. So far 3.7 million tons of food and goods have been delivered this way, Bridget Brink, the US ambassador to Ukraine, wrote on X (Twitter).

"Today the 100th ship departed the Black Sea humanitarian corridor – an export lifeline for Ukraine that has delivered 3.7 million tons of food & goods to the world," said the American diplomat.

In August, Ukraine opened temporary corridors for merchant ships to leave ports. At the same time, the Russian Federation continues to attack the port infrastructure of Ukraine.

After withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Initiative in July 2023, Russia began attacking Ukrainian ports both in Odesa Oblast and on the Danube.

In August, Ukraine established a new maritime shipping lane from the port of Odesa. By September 17th, this revitalized transportation corridor connecting Ukrainian harbors to international trade routes had become operational not only for outbound cargo but also inbound shipments.

On November 8, the Russian military attacked a civilian ship flying the flag of Liberia when it entered one of the ports of Odesa. Three members of the crew – citizens of the Philippines – were injured, the boatswain died, another port worker was injured. Traffic through the Ukrainian corridor did not stop despite Russia's systematic attacks on the port infrastructure.

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