Share of thermal power plants in Ukraine's energy system drops to record low of 5%
Trypilska TPP destroyed by the Russians (Photo: Vadym Sarakhan, press service of the Verkhovna Rada)

Following Russian attacks in the spring of 2024, no thermal power plant in Ukraine's energy system remains undamaged or completely intact, according to Yuriy Boyko, an advisor to the Prime Minister, former acting Minister of Energy, and member of the supervisory board of Ukrenergo, in an interview with Apostrophe.

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"Traditionally, thermal power plants generate about 30% of electricity. Now, their share barely reaches 5%," Boyko noted.

Hydropower has also suffered significant losses. Two power plants are completely out of operation, Boyko added.

"All this leads to a significant power deficit in the system, primarily due to the lack of electricity production by thermal power plants," he said.

Today, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants operate in Ukraine's energy system. Despite the damage, the hydroelectric plants have maintained their functionality and continue to produce electricity.

"Solar power stations, which were built in excess during normal conditions and had to be limited in power output, are now very helpful. All this capacity is now consumed by the system, mitigating the effects of enemy shelling," the advisor to the Prime Minister said.

Since March 2024, Russia has launched five massive attacks on Ukraine's energy system, disabling up to 8 GW of power generation capacity. As a result, rolling blackouts have been implemented across Ukraine since May, the first since February 2023.

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