DTEK energy company announces import of electricity during peak consumption hours
Photo: Pixabay

Ukraine can mitigate the need for power outages because of temporarily pausing nuclear reactors for maintenance, Dmytro Sakharuk, the executive director of DTEK, has said on Facebook.

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To compensate for the reduced nuclear generation, Sakharuk suggests increasing electricity production at thermal power plants and importing electricity during peak consumption periods. This approach aims to avert any restrictions on power supply, ensuring uninterrupted electricity availability in the country.

"No disconnections of consumers are planned yet. Energy companies are stabilizing the situation in the power system by increasing generation at TPPs and intensifying imports during peak hours of consumption," Sakharuk wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

The top manager of DTEK said that Ukraine enters the mode of dynamic export-import flows with the countries of the European Union, which became possible thanks to the successful integration with the European energy system ENTSO-E.

"This is a common practice for the European continent, when the country exports excess electricity at night or even during certain hours of the day, and imports it during the day," Sakharuk wrote.

Therefore, he believes that Ukraine will maintain exports in surplus hours and increase imports in deficit hours.

On Tuesday, for the first time after a long break, Ukrenergo began calling for electricity savings during peak consumption hours.

On Wednesday, the company announced that all possible reserves were activated in the power system so that there was power supply in the evening.