EU boosts Ukraine's allowed electricity export capacity for first time since October 2022
Photo: EPA

On February 26, operators of the European energy system ENTSO-E agreed to increase the carrying capacity for the import of electricity from Ukraine, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, chairman of the board of NPC Ukrenergo announced.

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From March 1, it will be 550 MW per hour instead of the current 400 MW.

"The export capacity of interstate interconnectors [increased] by 150 MW. This capacity is equal to the work of one additional unit of a thermal power plant," Kudrytskyi said.

Since the middle of February, Ukraine has been gradually increasing the volume of electricity exports, and decreasing the volume of imports.

"The positive decision of ENTSO-E today also shows that we continue to improve our energy system: we fulfill the technical conditions of our European colleagues in order to prepare our energy infrastructure for increased export volumes," Kudrytskyi said.

When Ukraine started exporting in June 2022, the capacity of interstate crossings was limited to 100 MW. That year, electricity quickly became one of the main export goods for Ukraine.

The last time ENTSO-E increased Ukraine's allowed export capacity was in October 2022, when it was increased to 400 MW. Import capacity from December 2023 is 1,700 MW.