2,046 Ukrainian settlements without power amid cold snap, snowfall
Illustrative photo: depositphotos.com

In Ukraine, 2,046 settlements were de-energized due to bad weather. The most difficult situation is in the Poltava, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kyiv, and Kirovohrad oblasts, Ukrenergo reports.

The enemy attacked the TPP in the eastern region at night. The power station is working, but the nearby town is without electricity.

"Ukrenergo restored 3 high-voltage overhead lines of 330 kV in the southern region, which were damaged by bad weather. 4 high-voltage overhead lines of 330 kV remain disconnected due to weather conditions. Gusty wind and wet snow make it difficult to carry out emergency restoration works. 32 overhead lines are disconnected in Oblenergo's networks 110 -35 kV", the message says.

Due to hostilities and other reasons, 530 settlements remain without electricity. As a result of the attacks, there is new damage to Oblenergo networks in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Sumy, and Chernihiv oblasts. Emergency recovery works are carried out depending on the security situation and with the permission of the military.

The accident rate of power plant units remains high. Within a day, a unit at a thermal power plant in another region went into emergency repair.

Consumption in the energy system has decreased due to significant damage to the Ukrenergo and Oblenergo networks.

"During the day, after the restoration of electricity supply in the affected by bad weather, a sharp increase in consumption is expected. This may lead to a sharp increase in the load on the power system. We ask consumers to be especially careful about the sparing consumption of electricity during inclemecies," the message says.

There is no power export today. Electricity is imported in the evening from Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova. The total volume is 716 MWh, with maximum capacity in individual hours up to 330 MW. The maximum export of 1,200 MW is technically possible.

Since 7:30 a.m. on Monday, the entrance to Kyiv for large vehicles has been closed due to snowfall.

In Poltava Oblast, 437 settlements were de-energized due to worsening weather.

Residents of 60 settlements in Chernihiv Oblast are without electricity.

The stormy wind reached the occupied Mariupol, writes the city council. Due to bad weather, there were massive emergency shutdowns in various areas, broken power lines, and fallen trees.