First biomethane production plant connected to Ukraine's gas network
Photo: RGC

Chernihivgaz JSC has connected the first biomethane plant in Ukraine, which belongs to the Gals Agro agricultural holding, to the gas network, the press service of the Regional Gas Company reported.

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The enterprise is able to produce about 3 million cubic meters of gas.

The biomethane produced by the enterprise is no different from natural gas and can be consumed immediately by households and industry.

Biomethane is a carbon-neutral analog of natural gas, which is produced by enriching biogas (gas from biomass, such as, agricultural waste).

At the first stage, gas will enter the network only in the fall-winter period. After the construction of the second stage and the "ringing" of the networks, the supply will become year-round.

The biomethane plant in Chernihiv Oblast was built in 2018 and initially worked for the production of biogas, which was used to generate electricity. In 2021, the enterprise was equipped with a biomethane production module.

In the second half of 2023, investors plan to install another biomethane production module of the same capacity in Kyiv Oblast. The raw material for the production of biomethane is waste from the agricultural sector.

"Today begins a new era of gas development in Ukraine," said General Director of RGC Oleksiy Tyutyunnyk. According to him, Ukraine has a huge potential for biomethane production on par with the European Union, where more than 1,200 plants with a capacity of 3.5 billion cubic meters per year are operating.

At the beginning of August 2022, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, greenlighted the supply of biomethane to Ukraine's gas transmission system.

Biomethane has the potential to become the third full-fledged source of gas in Ukraine after its own production and import.