Poland ready to produce electricity for Ukraine at its power plants
Donald Tusk (Photo: EPA / Rafal Guz)

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has proposed utilizing Polish coal-fired power plants to generate energy for Ukraine's needs, announcing this during a briefing on Monday as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Warsaw.

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"We are currently working on the possibility of burning Polish coal, which we have in abundance now, without paying for its combustion, that is, for emissions. Instead, the electricity produced by Polish power plants from Polish coal using European funds would be directed to Ukraine through the existing energy bridge," Tusk said.

He acknowledged that this would not solve Ukraine's problems entirely (due to physical limitations in supplying electricity to Ukraine) but "could at least partially help Ukraine survive a difficult winter."

Tusk added that he would encourage European partners to "seek creative ideas" to support Ukraine's energy sector.

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