Ukraine changes energy strategy to focus on nuclear power plants, renewable sources

At a meeting on Monday, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the new Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2050, reported the Ministry of Energy.

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The strategy provides that by 2050, the Ukrainian energy sector should become carbon neutral.

This means reducing the use of coal and focusing on the development of safe nuclear generation, renewable energy sources, modernization, and automation of energy transmission and distribution systems.

The document takes into account the consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian war and the need for decentralization of electricity generation to improve system stability, the connection of Ukraine's energy system to the European ENTSO-E grid and the emergence of the latest technologies, such as hydrogen energy, small modular nuclear reactors, energy storage facilities, etc.

The strategy also takes into account Ukraine's international obligations regarding energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The previous energy strategy of Ukraine was calculated for the period until 2035 and was adopted in 2017 by the government of Volodymyr Groysman.

In 2021, at the climate summit COP26, Ukraine undertook to gradually abandon the use of coal for electricity generation.

Ukraine is planning to build nine new large nuclear reactors in partnership with Westinghouse and 20 small modular reactors in cooperation with Holtec International.