Ukraine resumes electricity exports after six months

After a six-month break caused by Russian mass missile strikes, Ukraine is resuming electricity exports, the press service of the Ministry of Energy reported on April 7.

"The Ukrainian energy system has been working for almost two months without restrictions on consumers, with a reserve of capacity. The most difficult winter has passed. The next step is to open the export of electricity, which will allow us to attract additional financial resources for the necessary reconstruction of the destroyed and damaged energy infrastructure," Minister German Galushchenko said.

He signed an executive document allowing the process of export resumption to begin.

The capacity for export allowed by the European network of transmission system operators ENTSO-E stands at 400 MW.

The export of electricity will work under the condition of providing Ukrainian consumers with electricity and may be stopped in case of a change in the situation.

Ukraine began exporting electricity to the European Union in the summer of 2022, and it quickly became one of the main export articles. Since October 11, 2022, due to Russian strikes on the energy system, exports have stopped.

Since mid-February, there is no longer a power deficit in Ukraine.