Ukrainian Railways now allows returning tickets after train departure
Photo via Ukrainian Railways

Ukraine’s state railway company Ukrainian Railways has updated its ticket refund policy, which now allows passengers to be reimbursed the full cost of a ticket even after the scheduled departure of the train.

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The change came into force with the new amendments to Ukrainian Railways’ rules for transporting passengers, baggage, freight, and mail by rail, the company announced on Monday.

Earlier, railway passengers were able to reclaim only 10% of the ticket cost.

According to the company’s new policy, passengers may refund the full ticket price even after the scheduled train has departed if the request is made no later than one hour after departure.

Other changes include a streamlined process of placing orders for travel of organised groups of passengers, which can now be done online, and clarification of travel of dogs and other small pets.

In addition, Ukrainian Railways also introduced a new category of trains–local trains adapted to connecting infrastructure of different modes of transport–updated terms and definitions in line with modern standards, and regulated ordering car transport through electronic services.