Ship with record deadweight of 24,000 tons enters port of Izmail
Photo: Izmail seaport administration

On June 21, the bulk carrier Moayad Y with a record deadweight for the port – almost 24,000 tons – entered the port of Izmail for loading, reported the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

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"Danube ports continue to break records... This is a vessel with record characteristics for Izmail sea port. Previously, the deadweight of vessels loaded at the port berths did not exceed 13,800 tons," USPA noted.

The dry cargo Moayad Y was moored at the third berth under the load of grain and corn by the Eco Group company.

The bulker will take on board 14,000 tons of grain for delivery to Egypt.

On June 14, a ship with a record deadweight of 24,000 tons was loaded in the port of Reni. For the Danube ports, this is the first dry cargo of such capacity in the entire history of independent Ukraine.