UAV export of to Ukraine in Poland simplified
Photo via Depositphotos

Drones can be exported from Poland to Ukraine with a general permit issued by the Polish minister of development and technology starting Friday.

The decision has been adopted by Poland in response to a request from Ukraine, the government said in a statement.

According to the Polish technology ministry’s updated regulation, the general permit for the export of UAVs to Ukraine can be used by any commercial, non-profit organisation or individual in Poland.

This eliminates the need to obtain an individual export permit for each batch of drones.

The permit, however, applies only to a certain category of drones – namely those intended for controlled flight beyond the operator's line of sight, with a maximum duration of at least 30 minutes but less than one hour, and intended for take-off and maintenance, and with stable controlled flight with wind gusts of at least 46.3 km/h.

"However, a general permit is not granted if the exporter is aware that the drones may be carriers of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons," the Ukrainian government said in a statement.

The permit will also not be granted if the UAVs are used as parts or components of weapons exported without or in violation of the required permit.

"The decision of the Polish government will help speed up the delivery of UAVs to the frontline," Ukraine’s deputy minister of economy Taras Kachka was quoted as saying.

He added that Poland's decision is also extremely important because it is in this country that Ukrainian volunteers purchase the bulk of UAVs.