Agrarians exempted from paying taxes for mined and occupied land plots
Photo: SES/Facebook

The Ukrainian Parliament has approved draft law No. 7632 on the exemption of farms from paying taxes on mined, contaminated and occupied agricultural land, the government portal reports.

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In particular, the document exempts from the need to pay a fee for land, a minimum tax liability and a single tax for agricultural land located in the territories where hostilities are ongoing or have been conducted or those temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, and for land that is under conservation or contaminated with explosive objects.

According to the Minister of Agricultural Policy Mykola Solskyi, farmers were awaiting the adoption of this bill. The need to pay taxes on land that could not actually be used could push farmers to cultivate mined fields, which is life-threatening.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy will initiate a separate procedure for monitoring the use of such land plots for the sake of transparency in the application of the norms of the new law, the minister added.

According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, about 170,000 square kilometers had been mined as of the end of February 2023. This is 30% of the entire territory of the country.

In December 2022, farmers predicted that the amount of grain crops would decrease and oil crops would increase in 2023.

On December 23, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy summarized the results of the 2022 harvest: 46.6 million tons of grain were threshed.